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Welcome to H.I. 5 Renewable Energy Systems

Who and What is H.I. 5? Let us begin by introducing ourselves and noting that H.I. 5 is more than a name. It is who we are, what we are, our clients, our products and our goal. H.I. 5 means:

H.I. 5 Professionals

Founded by professionals with over a hundred years’ combined experience in energy and renewable energy with a commitment to helping the residents of New England achieve self-sufficiency, H.I. 5 quickly established a reputation for excellence, creative problem solving, service to the under served and commitment to true energy independence and security through design and construction of locally built all USA equipped solar products and projects that meet the needs of low power areas for power production, economic development, new permanent jobs, training, farm, land and forest preservation and more. H.I. 5 projects support and expand the grid to insure stability, security and affordable grid access for all local residents. H.I. 5 designs include leading edge USA made environmentally neutral and climate appropriate equipment to maximize production, reduce maintenance and insure that its products and projects will continue to meet the power needs in the areas served for decades to come.

A director of the former industry leading Massachusetts Solar Action Office, published author, and recipient of awards for community and executive leadership, H.I. 5’s President Louise Hart has extensive experience in management, energy, renewable energy systems, conservation and the environment. Many of the systems and programs initiated by her as Solar Action Officer and Director of Educational Programs and Installations (largest in New England until 2011) continue to provide needed electricity for schools, local communities and the residents of Massachusetts. With forward-looking zeal for renewable energy and recognizing that local workers and companies know and are equally committed to preservation of their communities and the environment, H.I. 5 established policies that include training and involvement of local workers and companies in both the construction and maintenance of all projects. Moreover, with individual projects located on multiple sites, H.I. 5 is able to not only build out and bring its projects online more quickly, but also, so manage the sites to provide workers with a higher level of training and experience.  

H.I. 5's1.2 GW project pipeline in New England and the Northeast includes a 215 MW project in Vermont that is not only the largest solar farm east of the Rockies, but also, the first renewable energy project that allows the state in which it is located to achieve its goal of energy independence with all clean energy production. As part of the 215 MW project deemed "the solution" by USDA personnel working in the area, H.I.5 has expanded its resources and affiliates to include engineers, general contractors, project supervisors, electricians, roofers and other building and construction professionals as well as schools, local, regional and national agencies and neighbors to the projects.. 

5 Products

H.I. 5 serves all 5 market segments with 5 of the Highest Quality Products, Systems and leading

edge technologies available, including:

A new approach to the design and installation of Photovoltaic and other renewable distributed generation energy systems that include not only leading edge energy storage and generation of additional power related products

Renewable energy powered, telecom equipped, portable multi-use, self-sustaining modular SunMod

Local and community grids

Site specific ground mounts with zero environmental impact for residential, agricultural and forestland 

A CHP Furnace and innovative Energy Generators

5 Markets


H.I. 5’s professionals’ depth of expertise is evidenced in its unique approach to the renewable energy market. Unlike renewable companies, the company serves all 5 major markets, including:




Public facilities and

Private utility scale Solar Powered Distributed Electric Generation Facilities (IPPs)

5 Reasons to Rely on H.I. 5

H.I. 5 is a unique company.

  • As the name implies, H.I. 5 and its professionals are committed to providing the highest quality utility scale solar distributed energy systems available and to insure that we “win” the war against high priced fossil fuels, pollution and global warming.
  • With an unmatched depth of expertise, H.I. 5's team first completes its site evaluation using the highest standards in the industry and insuring that not only is the site suitable for solar DGE, but also, that no environmental, wetlands, endangered species or other issues are present that would preclude the installation of needed power.  H.I. 5's team then seeks an initial interconnection assent.. With the information gathered on site, H.I. 5 develops a project plan for which it identifies A or better rated off-takers.  At the same time, H.I. 5's engineering and technical staffs design a system that not only suites the site, but also, meets the needs of the local utility or area. H.I. 5 establishes its full team for the installation, that will insure not only local involvement, but also, new permanent local jobs in the host community.
  • H.I. 5's PPA specialist uses the list of potential off-takers to begin his negotiation, development and placement of the Power Purchase Agreement for the solar DGE site. If needed, the PPA is then monetized to support the project.
  • Throughout each project, H.I. 5's team works together to insure full project support, including information about federal, state, private and public financial incentives, available financing options, tax deductions, exemptions, and credits and other programs and available incentives. H.I. 5 personnel have extensive experience in completing grants, interconnection agreements, engineering studies, FERC qualified facilities applications and government forms for rebates and other programs.
  • The company and its EPC and other affiliates’s are fully insured, train and include local workers in the installation crews as well as in the manufacture of equipment to be installed. Wherever and whenever possible, local, trained workers are utilized in the operation and maintenance of the facilities. Even after a solar DGE system is fully inspected, certified, commissioned and/or interconnected, H.I. 5’s staff continues to monitor its operation to insure that the system, regardless of size, will provide many years of efficient, affordable and reliable renewable energy.

Thank you again for visiting with us and allowing us the opportunity to introduce our company and ourselves to you.

If you have any questions or wish to know more about us, please speak to any of our staff today, or call us anytime at 978.384.8032. Our offices are open to you from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday or by appointment at your convenience. You may also email us at [email protected]