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Fallow Fields

To help preserve our land and environment by providing new income sources and energy to local farms, H.I. 5 RES has created a program under which it installs solar DGE on fallow fields using non-invasive, environmentally strategies.  The goal is to empower not only the resident farmers, but also, to aid their communities in achieving self-sustainability.

Utility Scale Solar DGE for underserved areas

To support and improve the energy efficiency our existing electrical grid, H.I. 5 identifies and installs solar DGE in targeted low power areas.

New Power Generation Facilities

The USA is at a crossroads. New power generating facilities or sources of power are needed to replace our aging and over-aged fleet of fossil fuel and nuclear power plants. The choice is clear. Continue to depend upon foreign power sources and polluting traditional plants or achieve self sustainability through safe, secure, environmentally neutral renewable energy. The strength of renewables is that they are site specific.  Their weakness is that they are site specific - i.e. what is installed must work with what nature has provided. Enough solar energy reaches the earth every hour to power the earth. It is free, safe, environmentally neutral and outlasts all other forms of power generation. For these reasons and more, H.I. 5 is dedicated to meeting its share of the needed new power generaton facilities through installation of utility scale solar distributed generation.


"We've been H.I. 5'd!"      - H.I. 5 residential client 

"H.I. 5 is the one renewable company that totally works with and for the best interests of its clients    - a utility scale site owner